25 Funny Hood Slang Terms and Their Meanings

Are you from the rural Midwest? Do you have problems comprehending the meaning of hood terms used by people from the inner-city? These twenty-five slang words and the hood meaning for each are listed here for you. Be warned: We’ve chosen the funniest terms for entertainment purposes. Don’t try them out on just anybody.

1) -ass, suffix/ adj. , Emphasizes an adjective. “Spray those stanky-ass shoes.”

2) bae, n, Term of endearment; a shortened form of “babe” or “baby,” or an acronym for “before anyone else.” “She’s been up all night, talking to bae.”

3) crib, n., Home, house, apartment, bedroom. “I’ve been at the crib all day.”

4) deez nuts, n. Literally, testicles; used as a joking fake-out. “You wanna borrow my bike? You can borrow deez NUTS!”

5) fade, n., or adj. as in “faded.” When a noun, a fade is a hairstyle in which the hair is beveled to the skin. “Check out my fade.” As an adjective, faded means heavily intoxicated, with alcohol or other drugs. “She was faded!”

6) game, n. One’s ability to talk up the opposite sex to attract/seduce. “He’s got no game.”

7) homie, home-slice, home-skillet n. Friend, or someone from the same neighborhood. “What up, home-slice?”

8) janky, adj. Messed-up, old, broken, falling apart, sketchy. “I don’t want your janky-ass backpack.”

9) jimmy, n. Condom. “Wear a jimmy.”

10) money, n., Friend, good person. Also, anything good. “Catch you later, money.” “That movie was money.”

11) nasty, adj. or n. Low-class, sexually perverse, gross. “She nasty.” When used as a noun, it means sexual relations. “They in there doing the nasty.”

12) ratchet, adj. Trashy. Also, drunk and partying. “You ratchet-ass ho.” “We all got ratchet!”

13) poke, v. To have sexual relations with. “They were poking all night.”

14) Poontang, poonanny, poonaynay n. Female genitals. “She don’t shave her poonanny.”

15) po-po, n. The police. “Here come the po-po.”

16) poppin’ a collar, v. pres. participle. Style of dance in which the dancer holds his or her collar and and rocks to the music. “He’s always poppin’ a collar.”

17) real talk, n. Serious conversation, not joking around. “Real talk, where we going tonight?”

18) represent, v. To make a good showing, to stand up for, to show respect to. “Doesn’t matter where you came from – you’re here now, so you gotta represent.”

19) rollin’, v. pres. participle. Driving or riding in a car. On a drug, often ecstasy. Traveling from place to place. Making a marijuana joint by hand. “We’re rollin’ with her group tonight.”

20) shake, n. What’s left of a bag of marijuana when all the good plant parts have been smoked – what you shake out onto the table. “All I got left is shake.”

21) shorty, shawty, n. A girlfriend. “I love you, shawty.”

22) straight, adj. In good standing with, something that’s desirable. “It’s straight.”

23) swoop, v. To pick up, to meet up with. “Swoop you at eight?”

24) tight, adj. Cool, awesome, trendy. “Man, those shoes are tight.”

25) wack, wickity-wack (superlative) adj. Bad, messed-up. “His skills with the ladies are so wack, it’s embarrassing.”