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When it comes to the hood news from the block, Hood Channel has the nation covered. These are the stories that ordinary people want to read about. These are the events that they want to watch on video. The days of sitting at home watching some boring newscaster drone on about things happening on the other side of town are over. No longer do people in the hood have to watch online videos about how the other half lives. Now, they can just stay tuned to Hood Channel to get information relevant to them.

Unbelievable Hood Stories

Everybody in the hood knows that things happen at a fast pace. One never knows when something big will “go down.” That is where Hood Channel comes into play. There are always breaking news stories straight from the heart of urban America.

A baller got his girlfriend pregnant? Hood Channel will be there. Did Jay-Z get into a fight with another of Beyoncé’s relatives? Find out here.

Beefs Uncovered

Rappers, ballers and average people get into “beefs” all the time. The arguments can get intense. At times, folks come to blows. Never again miss the action. Hood Channel covers all the hottest beefs in real time.

Did Drake just drop a “diss” song? No problem, users can find out at Hood Channel.

Real Hood Fight Videos

Only the strong can make it in the hood. It is no place for wimps. Even the ladies can throw punches when needed. The hood fight section comes stocked with videos of real people standing up for their rights. No time for punks here. Hard core action is what users find on Hood Channel.

In the end, it is all about respect. Everybody survives and walks away with their honor. In the hood, only those who allow others to push them around lose a fight.

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