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Hood Channel has the latest and most viral videos online. Whether it is rapping, twerking or fighting, this is where fans can watch and enjoy. Hood Channel is where urban America goes to learn about itself. Forget about the posers on reality television. Those actors get paid to pretend to be from the hood.

Real people post and watch videos on Hood Channel, the primary source of true news from the block.

Hood News

This alternative media outlet covers the stories that the average person wants to read. There is no boring coverage of the lies told by politicians. Instead, Hood Channel brings the news from the community. Learn just what matters in the lives of the people who work, play and raise families in the real heart of the nation. The mainstream media may not care about these people but Hood Chanel does.

Hood Videos

The hood has lots of talent. It is a shame that only a few tend make it out to have their skills appreciated. Getting noticed is the problem. The traditional way to fame is full of roadblocks.

Now, budding stars have another outlet. Hood Channel allows those who have the ability to make it big. Videos on Hood Channel go viral, providing the next generation of celebrities with exposure.

Hood Fights Video

What would a channel dedicated to the hood be without the fight section? Watch all the neighborhood beefs right here. The hood is full of strong-willed folks who refuse to back down. These videos demonstrate respect for this quality.

No cowards here. Just real people standing up for their reputations. It takes guts to survive in the hood. The evidence is right in these hood clips.

The best thing about fight videos is that whether they win or lose, the participants live to fight another day. Now that is the spirit.

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Do not wait any longer. Hood Channel is the hottest alternative media outlet on the streets. Real folks, real talk and real beefs.