The best Hood Clips discovered on

Bored and looking for funny hood clips to kill some time. These four must-see hood clips on will get you and your friends cracking up!


1. Fight It Out!

Sometimes, you have no other recourse but to body a fool. On the left, we have a solid-looking player in jeans and work boots with a crew cut straight out of boot camp. His opponent, a scrawny punk doing his best Scrappy Doo impersonation. You’ll only have to wait 7 seconds to find out who wins in the battle between Davey and Gollum, then you’ll be checking out a dozen other brawls around the hood.


2. Altair’s Baby Mama

This crazy woman blends in with the crowd to approach her target, slipping behind the cashier while the other woman is busy with a shopper. She lingers casually behind the cashier’s field of view, all the while waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When the coast is clear of witnesses, the assassin turns, draws her wicked blade, and creeps up on her prey. Is her mission successful? Watch to find out!

Warning: She is actually attempting to murder the woman. Some viewers might be disturbed. Others will laugh morbidly.


3. Wrong Neighborhood, Fool

Although it’s not clear if they view drones as a threat or a snack, it’s definitely obvious that animals hate drones so much that they feel compelled to chase and chomp them. Despite this pretty obvious fact, some idiots still like to use their expensive flying robots to film dogs, cats, kangaroos, monkeys, geese, and even a damn cheetah that some dudes are chilling with in what looks like a Saudi prince’s backyard. Sometimes, the drones escape unscathed, but the war between robots and nature is clearly intensifying.

Also, check out the cheetah’s clap attack!

4. Pleading Ignorance on TV Court

TV judges have a knack for finding cases that sound like they came straight out of a Jerry Springer episode with a cast of characters who match. This clip runs from the icon that is Judge Judy’s courtroom to the crazy confrontations of jilted lovers in Divorce Court and Paternity Court. You won’t believe what happens unless you hear the suits, counter-suits, and see what one angry woman did to her man’s suit when she felt it was time to end things.