Top 5 Real Hood News Sites

Perhaps Ice Cube said it best in the movies,” Maybe they don’t know, don’t show or don’t care about what goes on in the hood.”
The mainstream media largely ignores the lives of the average American making his or her way in the streets. It is time for the people to demand more. They can now get news online for them, by them and about them. All they have to do is turn off the television.
Here are the top five places to find real hood news. There are no posers here. These sites have authentic stories from the mean urban and rural streets of the nation.
1. Hood Channel
Hood Channel goes beyond the average urban video aggregate. Users can actually read news stories along with watching videos. Recent blog posts explore “colleges located in the hood” and “most dangerous hoods.”  Oh, yeah, there are the much anticipated hood fight videos as well. There is nothing better than watching some real “hoodsters” handle business with fists.  Hoodchannel.com has a major social media presence, allowing fans to connect in a variety of ways. This alternative media outlet seems poised for greater things in the near future.

2. World Star Hip Hop
Audiences receive the hottest videos of the day on this site. World Star Hip Hop accumulates videos from people across the country. Entertainers and those who want to be famous submit their rap videos. Women twerk dance to gain fans. Of course, there is the hood fight section. Urban news stories also make it to this site regularly.  World Star Hip Hop is a top place to find real news affecting those living in the hood.

3. Poopin Media
Viral videos make it here. The hottest twerkers and rappers want to be on Poppin Media. Users can watch amateur videos or those created by their favorite stars.  The latest scandals and “beefs” always make it online here in video format.

4. All Hip Hop News
All the news from the world of hip hop is on this site. Readers find out just what is going on in the lives of their favorite rappers and other celebrities.
All Hip Hop News covers music but also explores rumors. The streets talk, you know?

5. Bossip
Bossip is where people go to learn the latest gossip about urban life. Want to know what reality star is dating a baller? Bossip has it. Need to find out who got arrested over the weekend? Bossip has that covered too. No urban story goes uncovered with Bossip around.

Do Not Get Left in the Dark

There is nothing much to learn by watching traditional television news or listening to urban talk radio. Generation Next wants information relevant to their lives. These five hood news sources have what they need.