10 Wildest TV Court Moments

Published on November 4, 2015 by viobarbu

A lot of memorable things can happen in a courtroom, but some people just try to make it more dramatic. It’s their right to believe justice is on their side and ours to laugh hysterically when listening to their defense strategy. Watch this TV Court Moments video compilation and decide whose pleading will remain in the history of television. Let the arguments begin!

Most of the times these TV shows feature ordinary people looking for justice. But every once in a while there will be some hilarity that makes the whole thing worth watching: a man claiming in the divorce court that his wife cheated on him with over 100 guys during their short marriage, a wife accused of destroying husband’s clothes in order to stop him seeing other woman, a young lady in the paternity court looking to find out who her biological father is from a list with 13 names or even a miss complaining about having her favourite toy soldier destroyed by her jealous boyfriend.. What follows is awesome! These are some of the craziest TV Court Moments you’ll ever see.

Courtrooms are generally filled with emotions. But these guys become excessively involved and take things too far. Watching these insane TV Court Moments makes you wonder what in the world were these guys thinking. You never know how you react when your life is at stake, so you better hope you’ll never end up in the court of law!

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