Most Successful Pranks

Published on November 6, 2015 by viobarbu

There is nothing more satisfying than successfully pranking a co-worker, a classmate, a family member, a grumpy friend or even a stranger you’ve never met before. The terrified look on their faces makes every single moment spent planning a complex prank worth it. And the most important thing is to film their reaction and share it online. The tricked ones are not so happy about this, but it’s for the amusement of the mankind and it will last in the history of pranks forever! Watch this crazy video compilation, laugh and decide wich are the Most Successful Pranks ever!

Have you ever thought to hang yourself under a bridge with a thick rope around your neck and pretend you are dead just to scary the passers? Probably not, because this is an insane idea. You are perfectly fine because this is just one of the Most Successful Pranks ever, but you might give someone a heart attack! A guy passing by was so terrified that he hit the hanged guy with his car while running scared!

And this is just one tiny example. You will also see guys pretending they are mannequins and sudenly moving while people walk right next to them, a zombie man attacking people on the street, a living snowman, an unexpected guest in your bed while sleeping and many more. Check this Most Successful Pranks video and get your next idea on how to scary your friends to death!

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