Random White People Dancing

Published on November 6, 2015 by viobarbu

As humans, we probably danced even before knowing how to call these apparently random movements. Everyone can dance, despite their age, physical condition or even talent. This White People Dancing compilation video is about talent..actually the lack of it! Watch and learn how NOT to dance from a bunch of dudes who mistakenly believe they are the kings of the dance floor.

These movements are insane. Dance springs from a human desire to express personal feelings, so what in the world are these guys thinking? Dancing like Michael Jackson, using the viral Gangnam style, twerking or freestyle..at least this is what they intended to reproduce. But the result makes you wonder whether someone was even sober in this video or not.

Dance like no one’s watching! You hear that all the time. But how can you do it when someone is always there with a camera waiting to make you a star over the internet?! We all have that gracious friend that thinks about our future and how we can make a career by entertaining others. The White People Dancing in our video had a friend like that too. But thanks to him our day will be brighter after watching this crazy viral compilation. Enjoy and keep in mind: never dance like a goofball!

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