Snakes vs Animals

Published on November 6, 2015 by viobarbu

How does a kitten stand up to a cobra? Does it have any chance to survive this dreadful encounter? Is there any possible reason to call this a fair fight? Watch this Snakes vs Animals exciting video compilation and you might be surprised at the outcome.

Do you have the guts to engage in a fight with a snake? Not any snake: a fast and poisonous one or even a cobra! Probably not. Snakes are able to move quickly and easily. Its slippery skin and the muscular body are advantages really hard to dispute. Who would be the last one standing in a bare handed fight?

But these animals are truly brave. Or maybe it’s just their instinct. This might be the proper explanation of why a mongoose decides to pick a fight with a fearsome King Cobra.

Unfortunately these encounters may also end up with casualties. Besides having a poisonous bite, these snakes strangle and kill small animals to feed with its lifeless bodies. Terrifying moments all over this Snakes vs Animals shocking video!

But it’s time for payback. What goes around comes back around, so we can also see a huge snake surrounded by five very aggressive dogs. They attack the creature, bite it all over and probably kill it. One thing is for sure: animals might be brave and cold hearted, but protect your pets and don’t let them engage in snake fights. The result could be tragic!

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